HTTP Status as a Service will return whatever https status code you want!

Use a GET request to any path to guarantee an HTTP status code. By changing the beginning of your request path, you can control what response code you get back. Try it out below!

Response Code:


Who is this service for? is for developers writing browser integration tests, mocking API responses, or anyone else who needs an HTTP status code on demand.

Why would you need to use

Because you're writing browser integration tests and need a 3rd icu URL to reliably return a response but you don't care what it is. In your tests, you can prepend any http requests with, or any of the other status codes we have available.

Is my data safe? Are my requests logged in any way?

Yes, your data is safe. This site contains no logging of requests and is powered by static HTML and an nginx configuration.

More background is here in this Medium post.

A side project of Lee Gillentine. Tweet feedback here

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